About the programme

Hyundai & Kia│SGInnovate Accelerator is a strategic development programme powered by the Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation (Hyundai & Kia). The objective is to incubate innovative technologies and new businesses aligned with Hyundai & Kia's strategic needs, creating synergies through collaboration.


Business units within Hyundai & Kia (including Hyundai Glovis) will be involved in activities with startups by:

  • Providing the business needs
  • Participating in the startup selection process
  • Driving the execution of collaborative projects and Proof-of-Concepts (PoC) with selected startups

The Hyundai & Kia│SGInnovate Accelerator provides a development budget for each project, as well as equity investment opportunities for startups selected to execute collaborative projects with Hyundai & Kia (including Hyundai Glovis).

Why Participate?

Here's what a startup may gain from joining this programme:

  • Access to Hyundai & Kia's Open Innovation Team and its international network that can help to validate market needs at a global level
  • Collaborate with business units of Hyundai & Kia (including Hyundai Glovis) and an opportunity to test your technology at facilities of Hyundai Motor Group
  • Benefit from Hyundai & Kia's experience as a global market leader in mobility to validate, rollout and scale your PoC
  • Potentially secure a strategic partnership with Hyundai & Kia, or an investment opportunity with Hyundai & Kia and/or SGInnovate

Selection Criteria


Applications should clearly articulate what your product or service does, what your value proposition is, your business model and what technical expertise you have as a team or IP held by the company.

Why should apply
Why should apply

We are looking for startups that

  • Come from Southeast Asia
  • Have a validated concept and working prototype
  • Are made up of a team of experienced individuals with expertise in the program's areas of interest
  • Possess a solution that is uniquely different from existing solutions
  • Have a credible business model based on sound assumptions
  • Desire to work on challenging projects with business units of Hyundai & Kia (including Hyundai Glovis)

Collaborative projects

Click on the themes to find out more about the Collaborative Projects with Hyundai & Kia (including Hyundai Glovis)

Smart Factory


Sales Marketing Solutions


Logistics Services


AMR battery data collection
AMR Battery Data Collection
Real-time solution to monitor and detect factors affecting AMR battery (ex. Factors include voltage, electric current, temperature, and resistance)
Purchasing power forecast
Sales Data
Purchasing Power Forecast
Analysing potential customer data to forecast purchasing power (ex. Data such as phone bill payment history, residential value, etc.)
Integrated Logistics
Integrated Logistics
Cold Chain Service
E-commerce platform for fresh foods and ingredients including transportation management system for real-time delivery (ex. Delivery status Information, auto-routing, etc.)
AMR Battery Analysis
AMR Battery Analysis
Real-time solution to analyse battery capacity, lifetime, replacement period, fire hazard risk based on AMR battery data and its correlations
Data Mapping
Sales Data
Data Mapping
Developing data maps by correlating data from dealership systems and online sales
Fulfillment solutions
Integrated Logistics
Fulfillment Solution
One-stop solution to integrate e-commerce/cold-chain logistics procedures (Procedures include warehouse entry, storage, picking, packing, and shipping)
Robotic algorithm
Robotics Algorithm
Learning algorithm solution to minimise the gap between robotics operating system in VR and reality (Scope of development includes all factors reflecting real factory to VR environment)
3D contents
Marketing Solution
3D Contents
Automatic converting solution from 2D camera based vehicle and configurator images/videos to 3D
Idle space-sharing platform
Shared Logistics
Idle Space-Sharing Platform
Mobile-based sharing platform to mediate small idle/unused space reservation and payment for storage purposes (ex. Idle/unused spaces such as stores, warehouses, street vending spaces, etc.)
VR-based manufacturing
VR-based Manufacturing
VR-based simulation solution for autonomous robot operating systems to develop customised manufacturing environments (ex. Using robot path routing automation, connected robot controller, etc.)
Advanced Marketing
Marketing Solution
Advanced Marketing
Creating content and services based on customer behavior analysis (ex. Online/offline content for digital mobility experience)
Eco-friendly delivery package
Package Material
Eco-friendly Delivery Package
Eco-friendly solution to develop disposable and reusable delivery package materials and containers (ex. Package materials for multi-stacking)
Autp-classification machine defects
Manufacturing Equipment
Auto-Classification for Machine Defects
Autonomous reporting solution for machinery defects based on voice recognition (ex. Input voice based inquiry → voice recognition → NLP → categorizing and storing)
AI for customer service
Sales Solution
AI for Customer Service
AI-based customer service solution to cover salesperson tasks via video calls (ex. Tasks such as explaining vehicle specifications, strengths/weaknesses of vehicles, etc.)
Auto-recognition machine defects
Manufacturing Equipment
Auto-Recognition for Machine Defects
Stored DB-based AI program to recognise machinery defects by worker's voice inquiry and deliver solutions (ex. Input voice based inquiry → voice recognition → NLP → categorizing similar cases → providing DB based solutions)
Online platform used cars
Sales Solution
Online Platform for Used Cars
Online sales solution for used cars to mediate B2C and C2C sales (ex. Sales between customer to dealer, dealer to customer, seller to buyer, and buyer to seller)
Algorithm enhencement
AI Solution
Algorithm Enhancement
AI solution to automatically update and deploy used algorithms (ex. Detecting degraded algorithms → retraining notification → collecting data to be used for training → retraining → distributing improved algorithms)
Omni-sales channel
Sales Solution
Omni-Sales Channel
Connecting online and offline channels to provide omni-sales services for cars
Online financing service
Car Finance
Online Financing Services
Developing online loans and payment services without offline visitation and examination (ex. Services include customer credit rating, loan limit, auto loan interest calculation, payment solutions, and other marketing services such as charging low commission fees for high paying customers, etc.)
COE bidding
Car Finance
COE Bidding
Sales solution for individuals to directly purchase COE (Certificate of Entitlement) without brokerage (*Targeting Singapore Market)



05 October 2020

Programme Launch


14 October 2020,
10am (UTC+8 | SG time)

Information Session


31 October 2020

Application Deadline

November 2020

Application Review

Results of the application review will be announced in mid-November 2020.

November 2020

Video Interview

Results of the video interview will be announced in early-December 2020.

December 2020


A one day workshop  will be conducted between the business units of Hyundai & Kia (including Hyundai Glovis) and the selected startups to discuss potential PoC.

Apply Now

Interested startups should submit their application form and attach an up-to-date company introduction deck via email to application@hkmcsginnovate.com. Startups may also include videos of their products and services as part of the submission.

Failure to provide the application form and the company introduction deck will result in non-selection for the programme.

Please note

  • Answer in English for this application
  • Only startups which are registered legal business entities are eligible
  • Both Hyundai & Kia and SGInnovate will review the applications

Download the Application Form and Collaborative Projects brief for more information.

For inquiries, email application@hkmcsginnovate.com.


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